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The couple seemed to be connected at the hip. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were spotted once again; this time the duo was captured heading into Kanye’s Soho apartment to end the night’s festivities. Kim was dressed in suede platform Louboutin pumps and a flared pale pink quilted skirt, while Yeezy rocked neon yellow sneakers.

They smiled happily and looked intensely into each other’s eyes while the paparazzi continued to snap flicks. The two were far from “Way To Cold” as they held hands and immensely flirted for the cameras on Wednesday night (April 25).

The PDA was a change from earlier Wednesday afternoon, when Kanye was seen attempting to leave Kardashian’s hotel on the low. Minutes later Kim followed as if the two were being secretive about the romance all of a sudden.

The pair has been spotted multiple times during the week which is surprising, considering Kanye’s normal reclusive behavior. Throughout the week they were seen at a restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, hitting an Audemars Piguet’s dinner at Catch with friend’s La La and Carmelo Anthony, and also heading off to Scott Disick’s restaurant opening Ryu.

Maybe this is a match made in heaven!
Now, In naked pics news.

Kim Kardashian is known to have launched her career with a “leaked” sex tape, but she clearly hasn’t progressed much, because a new nude photo allegedly of her leaked today on TheDirty.com.

Oh wow.

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