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Yesterday, LIL Kim called Chicago’s Tony Sculfield & The Morning Riot Show for an interview. During her sit down, she talked about her best friends new baby, her rumored boo Maino, and how her heart goes out to Remy Ma, even though they are not on good speaking terms. More details below……….

Check out the excerpts below from her interview:

On her God Daughter Reign
One of my best friends, she gave birth to my God daughter and I am so proud to welcome her to the world. The thing is my best friend is a diabetic so technically she’s taking a risk having children at all. I had to rush to her aid and my God daughter was born. (Photo below)

Is there any truth to the rumors about you and Maino being together?
I plead the fifth. Ask him that when you talk to him.

What does it take for a man to hold down a woman like Lil Kim?
To be honest, he’s got to be financially stable. He’s got to be very spiritual. To me that’s really number one. If he’s got a connection then we can have a connection.

On where she is musically
I got a bunch of singles that we’re getting ready to throw out in a few seconds. We’re going to throw out a few singles first so we can get everybody familiar with my new sound. I have a documentary that I’m going to put out and that’s going to explain a lot of things where people can stop asking me silly questions and stuff like that. When I put the documentary out, a lot of questions will be answered. I still have my book deal with St. Martin’s Press which is solely about my stay in prison.

On what she thinks of other females going to prison like Da Brat and Remy Ma
Let me tell you something, at one point a lot of people in Hip-Hop know Remy Ma and me had a little situation. At this moment right now, anybody in prison my heart goes out to them. If Remy was like, “Yo, I need something..” I’m the type of person that would reach out and help her and when she comes home we don’t have to speak. At the end of the day, I’m very sensitive to women in prison. I don’t feel nobody should want to be there; if you happen to end of there it is what it is. My heart still goes out to her and her family and everybody else because at the end of the day, everybody deals with it differently and I know for me, it wasn’t a physical thing at all with me. It was mainly holidays and the worst holiday was probably Thanksgiving for me.

You had some issues wit Biggie Smalls mom Voletta Wallace when the movie ‘Notorious’ released. Have you reached out to her since then how your relationship is now?

Absolutely not. I have absolutely no relationship with that woman at all.
Listen to the entire interview below:

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