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Mobb Deep Rapper HAVOC OUTS Partner PRODIGY, Claims He’s GAY! [Photos]

There’s a war going on, on Twitter which involves Rapper Prodigy and he’s definitely not safe at this point. Fellow Mobb Deep member, Havoc went on a angry rant early today accusing his long time partner in rap of being “gay for stay” while in jail and making claims that he would soon be wifing Rihanna… Do those things even go together in the same Twitter rant? We’re not sure. Check out the tweets for yourself below.

Was this a pre-warm up?? He was interviewed saying YES they’re gay rappers and a whole genre of gay hip hop music. That at the end of the day ONE DAY someone who is NOT transgender and popular will come out and say that YES I AM GAY!!! YIKES!! PRESS PLAY BELOW:



  1. Anonymous

    April 14, 2013 at 6:33 am

    haha this dude gay!!!! hardcore wannabe thug…. Dude was a tap dancer and in ballet!!!!!!!! His own Homey called him a bitch saying he gets his ass kicked alot lol and said Prodigy was Fu**ing guys in prison and sucking them off….. Hes also been busted writing gay love letters lol This dude a phony and hes about to come out of the closet lololololol

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