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Nas Addresses Daughter’s Condom Scandal In New Single!

Rapper Nas remembers his reaction to his 17-year-old daughter posting a picture of a box full of condoms by her bed online in his new single ‘Daughters.’

Taken from the rap legends’ upcoming album Life Is Good, the track candidly recalls the fallout from Destiny Jones posting the picture to her Twitter account in February with the caption: “Keep dis cute lil box on my nightstand. My home girls kno wat I keep in it. [sic]”

“This morning I got a call, nearly split my wig, the social networks said ‘Nas go and get your kid,” the ‘I Can’ star rhymes, also recalling Destiny’s mother crying when the news broke.

“She planted/ A box of condoms on her dresser, then she Instagrammed it/ At this point, I realised: I ain’t the strictest parent.”

The 17year old even talked about her sex life on Twitter.

“#whyimsingle Because I like Thug n**gas, But they don’t treat me right smh lol.”Then in normal teen fashion, she complained about her mother had called her “annoyin.”

Life Is Good, Nas’ 10th studio album, is due July 17.
Check it out below, if you haven’t heard it already.


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