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Nicki Minaj PUTS Reporter On BLAST For Calling Her Album ‘Pop’!

Nicki Minaj has blasted a reporter for describing her latest album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded as “pop.”

The Young Money rapper sat down for an interview with The Sun, but was less than impressed when the reporter branded the sound of her second album as “pop.”

“I’ve royally upset her by describing her US and UK No1 album Pink Friday: Roman Reloadedas ‘pop,'” the interviewer writes on the publication’s website.

“So I stutter an explanation: “It was meant as a compliment… I have listened to it.”

Apparently, Nicki “barked” back: “You know what it is, I get tired of people making statements that go to the world and they will read what you write and what you’re saying isn’t true.”

“The album is a versatile album with five dance tracks on it. The album has 19 songs and the majority of it is hip-hop. How can you give people a true account if you haven’t listened to it in its entirety?”

When the reporter attempted to move on from the subject, one of Nicki’s alter-egos came out, and she replied: “No! I want you to realise how annoying it is when people come to me having not heard my album in its entirety because, if you had, then you wouldn’t have said that.”

“My new album has five dance tracks on it produced by RedOne, who I’m absolutely in love with. Prior to that, it has a very mix tape feel that people need to know about. With people like yourself printing things about the album, it’s really, really misleading to the average person.”

Nicki’s album has also been described as ‘pop’ by other critics, and she recently became angry with another reporter who posed the same question.

Is Nicki letting her ego get the better of her or was she right to put the interviewer in her place?


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