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Pregnant “Kim Zolciak” In NYC Promoting Her Spin-off Show! [Photos]

The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Pregnant Kim Zolciak made a few moves around New York City on Wednesday to promote her new spinoff show, ‘Don’t Be Tardy For The Wedding.’ More details below…..

“Well, you get to see my real hair,” Mrs. Kroy Biermann tells The Hollywood Reporter about what viewers can expect from the new series. “People are going to get to see Kroy’s family and they’re going to get to see some drama between my mother and myself, between my best friend of 12 years, and just the stress and excitement of planning a wedding in a short amount of time (2 months) and then the actual event — which was just amazing — with a little bit of drama.”

During the interview, Kim took jabs at thug misses Marlo Hampton for her remarks towards her Atlanta Falcons-signed Husband 
Kroy Biermannduring the reunion special.

“Let’s be honest, Marlo is known for being an escort, like she’s known for that . . . It’s common knowledge in Atlanta,” she began.

“If you want to spread your legs and make money, then so be it, but don’t comment on somebody that had a full on four-and-a-half year relationship with somebody, and is now married, expecting a second child with her husband, and bring up some nonsense, or ever imply that my husband would use Big Poppa’s ring to purchase this one.”


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