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Okay, we’ve all established that a lot of DL rappers/singers are in the music industry, but to actually rape young guys to help them in their career, I’m just not a fan of. My thing is this, if you don’t like something that’s inappropriate, then you’re gonna talk about it, but if you love it, and knowing that if you talk about it you’re gonna loose it, then you’re going to be quiet about it. hmmmm.

Now, Raz B is still claiming that he was molested during his time with 00s boyband B2K, after he was shunned from their recent reunion. More details below…….

Last month, Omarion, J-Boog and Lil Fizz apparently agreed to head back to the studio together to record some new music. The boys are hoping to recreate the success they achieved ten-years-ago, with hits such as Bump, Bump, Bump and Girlfriend, however, Raz-B was not invited to join them.

Tweeting his frustration at being left out, Raz wrote: “Haven’t heard notin from them b***h a*s n***as and y’all know who I’m talking about! molesting little kids b***h!!!”

Last year, Raz made shocking claims in which he alleged to have been molested by the group’s then manager Chris Stokes. His relationship with the rest of the boys has since waned as he also claimed that they were subjected to the sexual abuse too.

“Thank God I know God if not Somebody would have killed your a*s along time ago! Real talk b***h!!!! Your still living cause me!!!” he continued in his rant.

“Like @chrisbrown said I’m not afraid to speak my mind!!!!”

“I’m good going to sleep!!! I just felt some s**t!!! Or should I be fake and hold it inn… Y’all family I keep it 100 with yall,” he concluded.

Do you believe Raz’s claims?

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