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Is this the New York I speak so highly of? Is this the same New York I would never leave and expect to have a family in? Is this same New York I tell myself that I feel safe to walk around each day?.. [Paused]

27-year-old, Tamon Robinson was chased and hit by NYPD officers, and was later placed on Life support has died (April 18). Tamon was innocently accused by NYPD cops after they claimed he was stealing paving stones out of a Brooklyn housing project —which he had gotten the OKAY by the SUPER to remove. But he was hit by a police car during the pursuit, police sources said.

The Tamon was removing bricks from around trees in a parking lot of the Bayview Houses in Canarsie, when someone called 911 about 5:30 a.m., the sources said.

Cops soon arrived and spotted him loading a black Chevy Suburban — but he ran away when the officers tried to stop him, sources said.

The man weaved through the pathways of the housing project, and cops in a marked squad car caught up to him as he sprinted towards an E. 102nd St. building, sources said.

But the police car hit the man before he got to the door, sources and witnesses said.

“You could clearly see he couldn’t move,” said one witness.

The man was taken to Brookdale University Hospital, where he was being treated for a broken shoulder and a head injury.

Investigators taped off the abandoned SUV, which was filled with paving stones freshly dug from the lot.

This is what his co-worker had to say: 

Tamon HAD permission to remove the extra paving stones and had asked the super for permission. He was not doing anything illegal whatsoever. The police used excessive force and were too lazy to even step out of the car. The news articles portrayed him as a criminal when the Tamon I knew was a friendly, kind and hilarious. The only crime here is police brutality in my opinion.

NYPD officers has always had a bad track record for beating, killing, and physically assaulting people in the New York area. But I’m asking myself, do I really want to live in New York and would I continue to speak highly of this great city? It’s funny how you can be alive one day and dead the next day. 🙁

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