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R&B singer Tank has been the first to react to Brian McKnights “adult mixtape” track ‘If You’re Ready To Learn,’ poking fun at the singer’s x-rated change of direction.

The hilarious, uber-explicit track hit the net earlier this week, with lyrics like “let me show you how your p***y works/ bet you didn’t know that it could squirt,” shocking fans of the 42-year-old veteran.

In a recent chat with WGCI, Tank let rip over McKnight’s new image. “First of all he got a mohawk. Let’s start there. He’s 57-years-old with a mohawk,” laughed the ‘Celebration’ singer. “I don’t condone anybody over 7, at this point, with a mohawk.”

“Most of these songs I think he was probably listening to Up with his kids and thinking, ‘I can do the R&B version of that!’. You can’t! Because that’s not really how you talk to a woman.”

“It was the old dude at the club trying to holler at the 21-year-olds.”

Watch the video ‘If You’re Ready To Learn’ below:

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