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I personally don’t know how true this story is, but I’m just going to say I hope he’s okay.

Yesterday, 50 cent was hospitalized, where most news reports were claiming that he had a stomach virus, and was in the process of doing surgery, which the “G-Unit” rapper wasn’t all that excited about, and he was too busy worrying about his next album. More details below……..

According to MTO: Yesterday, rapper 50 cent had a STRICTURE / blockage in his small intestine, and the doctors believed that the best way to clear it, is to REMOVE a piece of the rapper’s colon.

Sources are saying that the doctors managed to CLEAR THE STRICTURE, using a much LESS INVASIVE procedure! And according to a person AFFILIATED with the hospital is saying that the doctors used an ENDOSCOPE to stretch out Fifty’s colon (YIKES), and open up the CLOSED portion of his small intestine. 
The use of an endoscope is a common surgical procedure, which is inserted into the colon and used to stretch it out, with out making any incisions on the patient.

The procedure was done under LOCAL Anesthesia and Fifty is expected to make a COMPLETE RECOVERY in a relatively short period of time. Plus he’s currently being monitored to make sure his colon doesn’t flare up.


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