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Amber Rose Saying She Doesn’t Know ‘Kanye West’ As A Person Anymore!

The Wiz’s fiance’ Amber rose recently did an interview where she admitted to no-longer knowing her ex-boyfriend Kanye West as a person.

The platinum blonde bald headed model dated Kanye on and off for two years before hooking up with rapper Wiz Khalifa.

Although the pair haven’t spoken to each other directly since their split, back in 2010, Kanye recently gave a shout out to Wiz on his new track ‘Way Too Cold,’ on which he claimed to “respect” him.

Speaking on the name-dropping of her rapper beau, Amber told the.LIFE Flies TV:  

“I don’t know Kanye as a person anymore. I don’t know him anymore it has been almost two years so at first I didn’t understand.” 

“I was like what is he trying to say, but I took it as a positive end and I feel like its cool, he respects Wiz as he should and I respect his decisions and I think people should realise that Kanye is just my ex-boyfriend.” 

“We weren’t married, we don’t have kids and we both moved on with our lives. It seems like we are both really happy.”

Behind the whole adult rated content she’s done in the past, sounds like she has a good head on her shoulder’s!


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