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Bobby Brown Debuts “Don’t Let Me Die” (New Music)

The Bad Boy of R&B is singing his heart out on his new released single.

Bobby Brown has released his new single titled “Don’t Let Me Die” which he has dedicated the song to the late Whitney Houston. More details below……….

People will call it calculated and opportunistic for Brown to release a single three months after his ex-wife’s death, that he dedicated to her. But then, when you consider the lyrics and depth of “Don’t Let Me Die,” which Bobby performed on Wednesday’s episode of “Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” it’s just Bobby at his realest and rawest, and the New Edition bad-boy is now humbled.

Brown stood onstage Wednesday, bathed in blue light, singing about the woman he loved, the woman he lost.

“I didn’t realize that every breath I took was from you,” he sang. “You were my air.”

Bobby and Whitney were married from 1992 until 2007. The couple had one daughter, Bobbi Kristina, who’s now 19.

The marriage was marred by erratic behavior and drug abuse. The two split up. Things unraveled. Bobby drifted away from his ex-wife and daughter.

Eventually, the drug abuse claimed the “Queen of Pop.” Following Whitney’s death in February, some of her relatives didn’t want Brown at her funeral.

Bobby was invited, but left over a seating snafu.

Maybe music was the proper venue for Brown’s goodbye, anyway. The lyrics for “Don’t Let Me Die” address his missteps and stumbles.

Yes, Bobby loved Whitney. Sure, he’s probably still hurting. But something about this just smells WRONG!

Judge for yourself. Check it out below:

Hate It Or Love It??


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