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Brian McKnight – “If You’re Ready To Learn, How Your P*ssy Works” Full Version [New Music]

I hope that you’re ready to learn today, because Brian McKnight will be showing all the women how their “p*ssies work.”

After talking with his fans on Twitter, Brian decided to embark on the interesting task of creating an adult mixtape. More details below…..

The adult mixtape includes lyrics like, “Let me show you how your p*ssy works/since you didn’t bring it to me first/I have a lot of things to show you/if you’re ready to learn/ let me show you how your p*ssy works/betcha didn’t know that it can squirt.”

Once he released the song for the whole world to hear, Brian received a little backlash, but he did as promised and released the full version of the song for all his teacher’s pets. 

Are you ready for the foolery!? Take a listen to “If You’re Ready To Learn” below:

I can only imagine what else R&B singer Tank will be saying now lol.. Now, you the readers tell us what you think??


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