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J. Cole Saying Many Rappers Are Attention-Seekers On Twitter!

J Cole is accusing many rappers on Twitter as attention-seekers, and likes stirring up unnecessary attention for themselves. (Azealia Banks, nicki minaj etc

The Work Out rapper has been noticeably absent from the social networking site in recent months, and explains that he doesn’t feel the need to constantly update fans with his movements. More details below………..
Cole told Las Vegas’ Hot 97.5.

“I’m not on Twitter no more, I’m not doing it and I’m not going to,” 

“I’m sitting and on watching all these artists who I respect — some of them are big artists — on Twitter fighting for attention. Every tweet is like, I’m looking for attention. Retweet me! It comes from this place of fear, like I don’t want people to forget about me.”

“But really your body of work speaks for you, so it’s doing work even when you’re not knowing it. But because people ain’t talking about you on Twitter or your mixtape ain’t trending, you feel a certain kind of way. But when it’s my time, I’m gonna load up all my clips and I’m gonna empty ‘em out.”

Cole’s career appears to have declined in the past few months, despite his debut album Cole World: Sideline Story going to number one on the Billboard charts.

Do you agree with Cole’s views on rappers attention-seeking on Twitter? Who do you think he’s talking about?


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