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Jessica Simpson didn’t go the Beyonce and Jay-Z route, but her and her baby daddy, Eric Johnson will be making mad cash this year from their week old toddler. 

The star stroke a deal with People magazine to sell them the first photos of her baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson, for $800,000. I guess it was in her stomach for long enough, she might as well profit off it! More details below……………..

This is much less money than celebrity babies have banked in the past, but what can I say, it’s still a lot of money for photos of a baby of two not-quite-that-famous people. Jessica already makes lots of money from her fashion empire, so it probably won’t make a dent in her wealth. Oh well.

But in addition to the sales from her baby photos, Jessica also signed a $4 million deal with Weight Watchers so that people everywhere can scrutinize the 40-plus pounds she has to lose in order to be skinny enough to be on the “after” side of a Weight Watchers ad.

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