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Yeah, he’s kinda up to no good with his constant twitter rampage!

Last saturday, rapper Kanye West threw a fashion “hate” tantrum on Twitter. Mr. West ranted about how much he hates cargo shorts, button up shirts and sports coats. CourtneyLuv has been reporting Kanye’s fashion temper tantrum for quite some time. See what else he had to say below:

Now, what we don’t like about his Fashion!
1. I hate the fact that Kanye’s pants is too tight.
2. I hate when he opens up his loose mouth, and needs to be more QUIET!
3. I hate that Kanye’s pants won’t stay UP and keeps falling below the butt.
4. I hate that he won’t dress like his AGE.
5. I hate that he has no respect for other people but himself.

Now that’s my rant. S0 do you think celebrities should run their Twitter accounts?


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