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Keyshia Cole Fires Manager Because Of Husband Daniel Gibson?

It’s said that Keyshia Cole is feuding with husband Daniel “Booby” Gibson, who told her to fire her manager.

The R&B singer is said to have fired eight managers since giving Manney Halley the boot. Apparently, Daniel, who is on leave from the Cleveland Cavaliers due to an injury, is bitter about Keyshia’s success so ordered her to fire the manager that turned her career into a money-maker.

“Keyshia has been in a tail spin since she fired Manny. She did it because Booby had a problem with how close they were and the success he had brought her,” a source told

“She put it off on the label but it was Booby all along. Now Keyshia cant put out a hit or get a magazine to save her life. She is going back to the formula Manny created by doing the show. She is hoping that the show will help her fans fall in love again to sell albums. This is the same person who SWORE to never do reality again.”

There could be truth to this story, although we doubt it! Keyshia and Daniel were spotted enjoying a family day out recently and they looked happy. See photos below:



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