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Kim Kardashian Wants A Baby With Boyfriend Kanye West?

Kimmy cakes has always wanted to be a mom, but word on the street is that she wants Kanye West to be her BABY DADDY! According to news reports, the reality star wants to have a baby with new beau/ rapper Kanye. More details below…….

They have been dating for less than a month, but, “Kim thinks Kanye would make a perfect baby daddy,” says a pal of the reality star reports OK.

Even though they’ve gone public within the last three weeks and most folks folks aren’t even thinking of changing diapers, friends aren’t surprised, and say the Kim/Kanye romance has been brewing for years:

“Kim has been friends with Kanye for almost a decade, so she knows him so well. Now, both are ready for a serious romance,” the close pal says.

“Kim will be 32 this year and always envisioned she’d be a mom by now,” says another insider. “And Kanye’s 34. He’s said one of his goals is to be a dad, and he’s heavily involved with a foster-care program. He loves kids. She has no doubts he’ll make a great father.”

Umm, I just can’t picture Kim changing poopy diapers in the middle of the night..oh wait, that’s why there are nannies!


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