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Mariah Carey Thrills With ‘Hero’ & ‘Emotions’ In Austria! [Video]

The newly remarried Mariah Carey performed at the Top of the Mountain concert in Austria but it was unclear whether she was actually singing live. However, new clips of the diva singing her classic hits ‘Emotions’ and ‘Hero’ have surfaced, and should end any speculation regarding the condition of her legendary voice.

Scaling through the octaves in the freezing cold, Carey handled both ‘Hero’ and ‘Emotions’ live while adding playful ad libs to the arrangement. Don’t expect to hear thunderous belting similar to her performances in 1996, though, because Carey’s voice is clearly thinner than it was in her younger years.

Watch Carey’s showing at the Top of the Mountain concert below:



Carey’s rendition of ‘Emotions’ should end any rumours suggesting that she can’t sing her famous high notes anymore. She performed the song live and proved that even blistering cold weather can’t stop her from hitting her mark.

The only issue that is inhibiting Carey’s performances is her lack of stamina. She simply can’t connect a few dozen riffs and runs while belting like she did in her youth. Indeed, Carey’s huge range is still there and she could easily swoop through it but not while belting in full voice.


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