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NBA Baller Investigated For Internet KIDDIE PORN!

NBA baller Chris “Birdman” Anderson is currently being investigated for ‘Child Pornography.’ We all know that NBA players aren’t the most innocent people in the world but to do some messed up ish like this, we now can’t see a tiny bit of truth light in them. More details below……

The Internet Crimes Against Children task force in Colorado has opened an investigation into alleged online child pornography crimes committed by NBA player and popular Denver Nuggest forward Chris Andersen, aka Birdman, the media reports.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Department received a tip from a law enforcement agency from California back in February about purported online kiddie crimes by a certain NBA player.

After approximately three months, Andersen’s home was searched and officials revealed that property from The Birdman’s home were seized during the raid.

As of this report, Andersen has not yet been charged with a crime. Representatives of Andersen have not returned inquiries. The NBA has yet to comment on this potentially explosive matter.

This is some sick isht. We hope it’s a misunderstanding, but if not, this dude needs to get his genitals removed, because he’s clearly not a man! Sick freak.



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