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Pilar Sanders’ Friend Saying: ‘Deion Hit Her In The Head With A Statue’! [Video]

Last week, Deion Sanders took to Twitter, saying he was jumped by Pilar Sanders and one of herr friends during the taping of a new reality show. Deion said he will be pressing charges and she will be going to jail, and sure enough, later that night Pilar was arrested. Now, Pilar’s best friend Dee Boswell recently sat down with Good Morning America to talk about the incident which she says left Pilar bloody and bruised. Dee claims that Deion initiated the fight and she has evidence on her phone to prove it. More details below………………..

On What Happened:

I was upstairs cleaning some things out of their daughter’s room to help move into Pilar’s room. I heard muffled yells and then I suddenly heard Pilar scream, ‘like not scream like, ‘Hey, how are you?’ Scream like, ‘Somebody help me. I immediately split second decided to record it and went downstairs and as I rounded the corner I had my phone in my left hand and I was able to capture Deion striking Pilar in the head with a statue. Pilar was crouched down on the floor [with her hands over her head] and with his left hand he rared back and just plowed her right on top of her head with the statue and smashed her thumb.

On Deion attacking her

He was able to realize I was recording, it was very oblivious. I had my phone out in front of me, and then he threw Pilar down to the floor and came after me.

Where is this cell phone video tape now?

The Prosper Police Department has confiscated it .

On what she was thinking when Pilar was arrested

Wow! Seriously? You have a woman who has blood all over her face and hand, her lip is obviously split, she’s got a horrendous injury on her thumb and they treated me and her like we were the criminals. “Get out! Get out! Don’t come back into the house. Stay out here until we come out and talk to you” She was in an ambulance and the next thing you know she was going to jail.

What do you think about Deion saying he’s not the type of guy that would act out in the way you’re claiming he did?

I say just wait until the truth comes out. The evidence is going to speak for itself. I have my phone. Once he realized what I was doing he went from a look of rage to a look of ‘Ooh crap, I’m in trouble.”

On if their perfect public image was an illusion

No, not at all. I’ve known Deion for 13 years and I’ve known Pilar all my life and up until things started to change, everything was good.

When did things start to change?

For me, I would have to say I started noticing some things probably around the end of September, maybe earlier October.

And those things were?

Tension in the house. Pilar being a little more depressed, revered and laid back

Were they any allegations or confessions of abuse that she shared with you during the marriage?

Yes, there was one other incident when I first moved to Dallas back in 2006. This was around 2007-2008 where she called in the middle of the night frantically. It was about 2am to come out to the house and help her leave and he had choked her.

Also in an interview with Good Morning America, Deion stated that he didn’t put his hands on Pilar and that he tweeted what happened before the story could be twisted into something else:

When these Prosper police reports come out you’re really going to see a pattern, a pattern of ignorance and it’s crazy. Everyone in this community, as well as the city, knows abut what’s going on. You’re just hearing about it outwardly and aboard because of the severity of it. I prayed to God that they don’t allow her back in the home because it’s not a safe environment for me or as well as the kids but I can assure you one thing, she was never touched. Thank God I have two witnesses that happens to be my children that saw the whole incident.

When you have allegation that I hit you that I touched you or I’ve assaulted you that is just straight up ignorant. I’m opening schools; I’m doing s many things for the community. I have endorsements. I can’t be alleged as a guy that’s lost his mind. That’s not who I am or what I am. My son came and said, ‘Daddy, mommy called an ambulance; she’s getting into the ambulance, nothing is wrong with her,’” he said. “I said, ‘Oh my God.’ That’s the last thing I want to see, the first thing the public hears [is] that I abused me wife. Sporadically and quickly we said, “We got to tell our story first and get it out there and that’s where that came from.’

See Dee’s interview below:


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