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#RACHETNESS: Kenyan Man Gets STUCK In Cheating Wife’s Vajaja, Because of “Black Magic”! (Video)

A Kenyan man who was cheating with another man’s wife got stuck in her vajaja this week in a guest house in Africa. The husband suspected his wife was cheating, which he proceeded to a WITCH DOCTOR, who placed a curse on the wife, so they would be caught in the act. More details below…………

The husband of the woman had suspected she was cheating on him, so he visited a witchdoctor who applied black magic on the wife, causing the cheating man to get stuck inside her during the act. For hours, the police could not rescue him from the black magic, and the husband in blue jeans and white T-Shirt refused to be persuaded.

Many gathered outside the house to witness the drama, as police ran out of options on how to help the two.

The cheating man finally agreed to pay the husband $20,000 in compensation to be released from the spell.

Check out the video below:



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