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Shaquille O’Neal & Ex-Mistress Vanessa Lopez Takes It To The COURT!

A trial date will be scheduled for a lawsuit filed against former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal by one of his former mistress, Orlando-based model Vanessa Lopez.

Lopez filed the lawsuit against Shaq in Orange County, Florida, for intentional infliction of emotional distress and assault. Lopez says O’Neal started harassing her shortly after she told him she thought she was pregnant. More details below…

Shaq initially accused her of sleeping with someone else and when she broke off their relationship, she claims the threats began. Shaq tried to get the lawsuit dismissed, but was denied.

In the suit, Lopez claims she was the victim of a number of scary incidents – most notably a threatening text that Shaq allegedly sent to a friend called Justin Zormelo, saying,

‘’dis is da numba shut dat b*tch up!’’

Lopez says the friend responded with a text saying,

‘’consider it done famo.’’

The friend then jumped on a plane to Orlando, Florida, and allegedly texted Lopez before calling her on her cell, sounding ‘’menacing and sinister.’’

A source close to the situation tells,

‘’A trial date is very close to being scheduled as settlement talks aren’t getting anywhere.’’

There’s also been a motion filed by Lopez’s attorneys to allow the trial to be televised.

‘’Vanessa wants the public to know exactly what Shaq did to her and she is looking forward to the day of taking the stand and telling a jury of her peers exactly what happened,’’ the insider says.

Lopez has also claimed that Shaq’s family was in on the intimidation act as well, making her fear for her safety.


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