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Tia Mowry TALKS About Leaving The Show, & Fans Sending OPEN LETTER To BET! (Video)

“The Game” star Tia Mowry gave her first interview on ‘Sway In The Morning’ yesterday, and although she was somewhat tight lipped about their departure, she revealed there wasn’t any friction between the cast or the producers and it was a ‘mutual decision’ to part ways from the show. More details below………

When Pooch feels comfortable enough to talk about it, I’m sure he will but I can just talk about myself. Right now I can tell you it was definitely a mutual decision.

When asked if she was disappointed that she wasn’t returning , she responded:

You know what, it’s all good. It really is. I’ve been on the show 5 years. I had a great time on the show. I’m very happy with what I did. I love Melanie so much that sometimes I forgot to shut her off. There is no hard feelings [but] I’m here to talk about my book and ‘Tia & Tamera’.
Interesting enough, Pooch Hall was on the show on April 27th, along with Tia who called in and the two kind of hinted around that there was trouble in paradise and that they may not be returning. Pooch even admitted that he thought it would be stupid for them not to return for Season 6.

On whether she is happy that the show is getting picked up for a sixth season:

um Yeah, I hope I’m coming back.

Pooch Hall on whether they would be returning:

Things happen. We are working some stuff out and as far as our chemistry and as far as Tia and myself, people [were] comparing us to the new Martin and Gina and we know how big Martin was. I think that as far as Tia and I, as far as being this power couple and this Hollywood couple on the show, it would almost be stupid for us not to be on season 6.

Tia on whether she would be returning:

We are still kind of working some things out , so yeah. I really don’t know what is really kind of going on but I want to come back to the show and its my choice to come back to the show. I am really excited to be coming back to the show but as it stands for right now, I don’t really know whats going on for sure.

Pooch on whether he would be returning:

Yo Tia is not going anywhere, Tia is the show man. As far as working out that stuff, (contracts) that stuff takes time. It’s not like add water and you got pancakes. You gotta put eggs and milk and stir it up and put it in the bowl.

Check out Pooch’s face when Tia was asked if she was looking forward to the next season was everything below:

Also fans are pissed off at Tia’s decision to leave the show, and BET is currently trying to work out a contract with the actress to have her remain on the show!

Not to mention the sudden exit of the only white cast member –Brittany Daniels, which is questionable. 

The Game Fans are now speaking out, and see what they had to say below in an open letter to BET:

We received sloppy written story lines that lacks continuity,bad lighting and poorly directed episodes. This is sad as television shows on a whole are on a decline especially shows that are reflection of our community. The show declines in viewers every week , now averaging 1.9 million viewers , from 7.7 million in two seasons, Both BET and the Akils should be ashamed in their selfish plot ,after we the fans fought for the shows return. We’ve reached out to both BET and the Akils on twitter and facebook in the past, which resulted in us being blocked ,along with anyone that posted constructive criticism of the show. BET, Staff and the Akils along with any other future production company should pay attention to the fans, and the quality of programming they provide, if not, this will not be the last show , that will quickly fail. 



Alrighty then, What do you think of Tia the main actress wanting to leave and the sudden departure of Brittany Daniels? 


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