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Hip-hop may have spawned an obscene number of yo momma jokes, but that doesn’t mean rappers let their Moms go unappreciated.

Being a momma’s boy isn’t all that bad, it goes to show that you’re a sweet, affectionate person and you where taught well growing up on how to treat a lady. Plus sometimes being a momma’s boy can be weird and you’ll see why down below:
This weeks #5 momma’s boy is Kanye West and is adorable mom:

The rapper lost his mom Dr. Donda West back in 2007, and in all respect this is a family that wins together, and will always be together.

Our #4, momma’s boy is Chris Brown and his mom ‘Mama Joyce‘:

Maybe Chris didn’t open up to most of his mom’s life lessons, due to the whole Rihanna beat down situation. But this is a cute couple, and we didn’t have to even certify the ‘Fortune’ singer, because he tweeted this pic a few days ago and captioned it “MOMMA’S BOY”. Way-too-Go BREEZY!
Next is our #3 momma’s boy, Kid Cudi and His Mom:
Mother’s Day was a happy one for this adorable mom.
Next we have #2 certified momma’s boy is Roc Nations Boss Jayz and his mom Agnes-Reeves:
I just realized that Jay has a slight resemblance of his mom. Word is, if you look like your mom good luck will always be by your side, and if not, then its the opposite way around. In-terms of son to son , and mom to mom then bad luck will follow you. Im just saying, and the myth is kinda true. Plus Jay has a little cute look to him, but my advice to Bey is RUN after he turns 60, because that’s going to be one ugly looking moose! And Be like J-Lo a COUGAR!
Now our #1 ULTIMATE & CERTIFIED MOMMA’s BOY crown goes to Wiz Khalifa and His Mom, see why below:
Um, im guessing your as speechless as I am, but that’s a OD momma’s boy and it’s kinda weird! but did he use any TONGUE?? IM JUST SAYING!!!

The ‘Roll Up’ rapper has made no secret of his hobby of smoking weed and it seems it runs in the family. Wiz posted a photo on Instagram where he can be seen kissing his mother, along with the caption: 

“I Love My Mommy.”

This is what the Wiz had to say about him being a momma’s boy:

“Yes, My mom and I, Smoke Together. Poppin Bottles & Gettin Trippy Wit My Mom,”

Let’s just hope that’s the only thing they do.


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