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Tupac’s Family Saying: ‘Pac Was NOT Homophobic & Loved Versace’

Tupac Shakur’s family believe’s that Suge Knight is absolutely wrong for saying that the rapper is a homophobe, because he was GREAT friends with Gianni Versace.

Suge has been on a media blitz recently telling multiple radio stations 2pac ended his professional relationship with a famous hip hop star Dr. Dre, because Suge believed the rapper was a gay man. More details below…………….

But sources close to Tupac’s family is saying that they feel very strongly that Suge’s claims are “totally false” and point to his friendship with the famous designer Gianni Versace, who was an openly gay man. 

In fact, Tupac reportedly participated in a Versace fashion show in Italy back in 1996 and even rocked a Versace suit on the catwalk. Plus he loved wearing versace!


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