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William Balfour Found Guilty For Murdering Jennifer Hudson’s Family!

Jurors have finally convicted William Balfour on three counts of murder in the 2008 killings of “American Idol Singer” Jennifer Hudson‘s mother, brother and nephew. Balfour is being convicted of all seven counts he faced. This basically means that Balfour may have to do a mandatory life sentence without parole because of all the charges he faces. More details below……

After 11 days of testimony, 83 witnesses and three days of deliberation, the man responsible for ending the lives of Jennifer Hudson’s mother, brother and nephew will soon his due fate. The Hudson family was in the courtroom today when the verdict was read. Balfour was charged with three counts of first degree murder, one count of home invasion, one count aggravated kidnapping, one count residential burglary and one count possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

Balfour’s jealousy of Jennifer Hudson’s sister, Julia Hudson allegedly having another lover was the cause of his killing spree. It’s amazing when justice is served and it’s still not a sigh of relief for the family, but it’s a start. I’m almost certain Balfour will get a life sentence because of the severity of his charges.

Stay tuned for Balfour’s sentencing results.


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