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Bow Wow Talks About Angela Simmons & Romeo’s Romance, Plus Raz B’s Gay Slurs!

Rapper Bow Wow has been relatively quite on the music scene, but recently did an interview while giving his viewpoint on ex-girlfriend Angela Simmons dating Romeo Miller and Raz B‘s gay allegations. More details below…………………..

Taking a break from his daddy duties, the rapper spoke to DJ Brandi Garcia on ‘KDAY 93.5’ on a whole host of things positive and controversial.

Starting with his ex-beau Angela, which he flatly denies having a romance with:

“It’s so funny that’s a key moment in people’s lives. That was eight, nine years ago, so it’s weird how people hang onto it.”

“I was never ever with her [Angela]… We always was cool… You can’t go out for brunch without someone saying you’re together… That’s my homie.”

Before silencing the gay slurs swirling about, courtesy of Raz B: 

“My response is to laugh. That’s crazy. Homie just really reaching.”

“It’s unfortunate watching him headlining arena tours to fast forward to now. It’s sad.”

“You fall off so hard that you have to rely on assassinating people’s characters…If that’s what he got to do in order to eat…”

There you have it, and I’m pretty sure there’s more to come!


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