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Brian McKnight Releases Song About ANAL SEX! (Music)

Okay what the HELL!!!?!!!…………..

This is just a perfect example of when sh*t goes WAY too far! Brian McKnight has now released a song talking about the wonders of anal sex (I’m Intrigued) and you have the site, YouP-rn, to thank for that. More details below……

Brian wrote the track for as a thank you…after the porn mega-site sent sales of Brian’s “p**sy” song through the roof. Go Figure!!

So the folks at YouP-rn suggested Brian could show his gratitude by writing them an anthem and the grand dad delivered.

I know that a lot of you are going to say “Well, a lot of artists do it,” but listen, at this point, dude is doing a bit too much and it’s starting to look like tap dancing. He’s far too talented (not only as a singer but a writer) to reduce himself to such levels. Trust me, I’m far from offended by raunchy lyrics and such, but he’s WAY better than this. WAY better.

But if you guys love it……then fine, that’s just you. Okay. Check out the song below:


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