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Charlamagne Speaks On Ludacris Blowing $10K’s On Strippers!

Charlamagne is putting Ludacris on blast (jokingly) for recently spending $10,000 on some half naked strippers.

Luda, his cousin Monica and rapper Lil Scrappy headed to a strip joint in Atlanta last week where he was seen making it rain 10 g’s on a half-naked dancer. However, he was accompanied by his girlfriend Eudoxie so there was certainly no extra action going on after the show. More details below…………

Charlamagne is also close friends with the rapper and he’s now blasting him for dropping so much money without getting any special treatment/action.

“One of my dumb a*s homeboys spent 10k in the strip club on one stripper but I’m not saying no names,” Charlamagne wrote on Twitter.

“I saw it on Mediatakeout and I know he did it because last year on his bday he got drunk and brought everybody food in Waffle House.”

“Spending 10k on one stripper is basic as f**k especially if she didn’t give you know pu**y but i’m a ignore it cause he my friend.”

Charlamagne probably has a point, but it’s Luda’s money!


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