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Did Kris Jenner Really Directed Kim Kardashian & Ray J’s Sex Tape!

He could be a bitter ex-husband or he’s just telling the truth…. Kris Humphries is dishing the Kardashian’s dirty secrets, and his latest dirt has to do with Kim’s mom Kris Jenner who he claims help instigate Kim Kardshian‘s 2007 sex tape with R&B singer Ray J, but ordered her re-shoot a new version because the first wasn’t freaky enough.(That’s just gross)… More details below………….

The claims were made by the Brooklyn Nets player in coversations and text messages to his ex-flame, Myla Sinanaj, according to TMZ.

31-year-old Kim recently subpoenaed Myla in her divorce case with Kris and it has been reported that the hotel worker has major dirt to dish on him. The info, including texts from Kris saying how much he loves Myla, could be damaging for the star’s divorce case, proving he was in fact in a relationship with her from January.

Sources close to Kimmy cakes is saying that Kris is delusional and the two never once discussed her infamous sex tape.

Despite her love for fame, do you really think Kris would really go as far as to suggest her daughter make a sex tape?


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