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Do You Think Toya Wright’s Husband “Memphitz” Really ABUSED K. Mitchelle?

During the premiere of “Love & Hip-Hip: Atlanta,” singer K. Mitchelle talked about her initial record deal with a major label that was compromised by a boyfriend/manager who blew her $2 Million budget on expensive cars, chains and rings.

Michelle also claimed that after six months of getting to know each other, the twosome became exclusive, until one day he snapped and started to beat her, which she tried to call out to him but he wasn’t hearing her. The incident ultimately caused the demise of their relationship. More details below…………

But apparently, she has been ranting on Twitter for quite some time now, about this abusive relationship, and the (alleged) abuser is none other than Memphitz Wright (who is now married to Rapper Lil Wayne’s former/baby mama, Toya Wright).

See what the “How Many Times” singer had to say below, during a radio interview with Egypt Sherrod.

 “I wanna forgive him. I forgive him enough to wish him well.”

Although she hinted that she’d received an apology from her abuser, she said his public denials make her question his sincerity.

“He’s acknowledged it,” she said of his alleged abuse. “I think the problem with this situation is you know when somebody goes and says you’re crazy and it never happened, you can apologize to me through texts, but when you go to the world and look at the world and say you know what, I never did that, she’s crazy, that means you’re not sorry.”

According to K, she suffered years in an unhealthy relationship with someone she was involved with both professionally and personally.

“People did not know why I was miserable for three years in a deal and people wasn’t around to see anything that happened to me at that record label, from that man, that abuse—whatever, people didn’t see that,” she said.

While she’s seemingly still healing from the drama, K. said she believes people can change and holds no grudges against Toya or MeMpHiTz, who she did not actually name.

“I wish them two the best… People get better. People change for the better and become different people,” she said. “It’s not about throwing shade. I wish them the best of luck, honestly, I do,” she said when asked about the couple.

Toya and MeMpHiTz have yet to respond to K.Michelle’s allegations. The two are in Paris celebrating their one-year anniversary, but before they left, Toya told Sister 2 Sister that she describes her hubby as “awesome.”

“I couldn’t ask for anyone better than him,” she said.

Many people may say that Memphitz doesn’t look like he’s capable of doing something like that, but hey, the quiet ones are usually the dangerous ones. 


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