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Gwyneth Paltrow CALLING JayZ, Beyonce, Kanye & More “N*gga In Paris”!

Beyonce and Jay-Z may call actress Gwyneth Paltrow their BFF, but Kim Kardashian just might get her wish (a spot in Beyonce’s exclusive circle) because Paltrow’s spot just might open up.

Paltrow got a chance to grace the Watch the Throne stage in Paris alongside The Dream and Jay-Z, then later tweeted the photo–referring to The Dream, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Jay-Z’s closest friend, Ty Ty, saying, “N*ggas in Paris for real.”

Check out the tweet below, as well as Gwyneth’s defense, saying, “Hold up. It’s the title of the song!”

I’m sure Gwyneth met no real harm, considering she knows she’s on a higher platform than most and even said the statement towards Bey, Jay-Z and more…on Twitter of all places. But the harm was done the minute she thought of the pun in her head. 

Smh, I’m going to need for her to know that she can’t go around saying things like this. Bey, Jay–check your girl!


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