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Lil Wayne Reveals He Has A “Bone Callouses,” After Refusing To See A Doctor!

Cash Money Rapper Lil Wayne has revealed that he has bone callouses after he refused to go to the hospital following a skateboarding injury.

The rapper is an avid skateboarder and has suffered multiple injuries in the last year as a result of his hobby. After his most recent injury, Wayne didn’t go to the hospital resulting in his bone healing itself and now he has callouses from not having it taken care of properly. More details below………………

Wayne told MTV News that:

“I broke my clavicle, like, two months ago. What happened was, I didn’t go to the doctor when I broke it, so it healed on its own,”

“Whenever you let a break heal on its own, it don’t heal right, so I got a lot of bone callouses around it. So this tape keeps my bone from popping out of my skin. It’s fun.”

Also, Weezy launched his own skateboarding range called, TRUKFIT.


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