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I’m guessing she’s read the recap of Love & Hip Hop about her??… But releasing a nude pic seemed kinda stupid and was that really necessary?

The “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez has attempted to silence the accusations that she is a man by sharing a naked photo on Twitter. Plus the chick was a stripper, so she’s not afraid of showing some skin! Check out the naked pic below…………….

PHOTO REMOVED: We have to keep it PG 13!

The new reality star has been plagued with negative comments and speculation that she was previously a man who underwent transgender surgery. Joseline has faced offensive remarks about her physical appearance and some of her old classmates even claim forward to allege she was once a male.

But it seems the pressure got too much, and Joseline moved to set the record straight in the only way possible.

“B****es I’m 100% women. F**k tall eat my p***y,” she wrote alongside a photo of her standing completely naked.

“I will no longer entertain the foolishness it’s been real & fun @ the same time I hope a few of you’ll received the 30 second of fame tweets,” she added.

Meanwhile…Joseline, better known as Shenellica Bettencourt, has a criminal past. Sounds like we have a possible new Marlo Hampton on our hands with all these secret arrests. One was for Lewd & Lascivious Behavior in Miami back in 2003. And if you didn’t know, that’s usually code for prostitution.

Does anyone still have doubts about Jose, I mean Joseline?? For all I know, Stevie J‘s baby mama Mimi is probably somewhere dying with laughter!

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  1. Lonnie…. Yea 100% fake women…. From head to toe. . . I know her…she is a girl but all made up….with strong features of a man….so she can pass for a tranny…lol

  2. SHE is a WOMAN! I have seen her in person and she is 100% woman. For the dummies above, every stipper has fake tits. But she never had a surgery… She just didn't shave. No man can look like that… I am a woman and I know.

  3. its clear this Anonymous person has an agenda or some prob with joseline u guys r acting like youve seen in between her legs when youve only seen the front shes very muscular on the bottom n if you look up female bodybuilders their pussy looks just like dat shes just a hard woman dats all lol

  4. Where are her cooter lips? His/Its vagina was created on an operating table. Koodos to the plastic surgeon for an outstanding job. Women have cooter lips no matter how small or large their physiques are. Plus we have some fatness in the area of the pelvis and the cooter is not pushed way to the back like this dudes cooter is. I would love to ask Stevie J does this thing always go into the bathroom before having sex? If it does then that means she is in there squirting lubricant up there to fool him. But who knows, as big as that penis is, that he flashed on the inter net for everyone to see could mean this, he is or has been fucking a lot of men. Men that fuck men DO Definitely have bigger cocks than heteral sexual men do. Stevie J may already know that Jose (line) is a man and just don't give a damn. Then more proof is take a look at that neck and chin definition. Granted women that work out constantly do have defined necks, but this is true if she was working out all of the time to get a neck like that then she would have never been pregnant because devoted body building women don't have a menstruation cycle. Their periods are absent because they have built up too much testosterone in their bodies.


  6. People get up here just to hate, get your sorry ass from in front of your pc and make yourself same damn money because she gives not 2 fucks about what you have to say.. your daughters could be next, You dumb ass low lifes, don't say say shit if you don't have nothing nice to say lol, you teach your kids that don't you

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