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Marques Houston TALKS ABOUT Raz B On Hot97! (Video)

In Houston’s case, Raz B his just a serious problem that just refuses to go away.

Just recently, Razberry announced that he was writing a tell all book that would out the likes of Chris Brown, Ray J, Bow Wow, and the former members of B2K. Not one to take threats lightly, Breezy told him (in a tweet that’s now deleted) that if he even thinks about it, he’ll own Razzy as well as his book. More details below…………….

Well, Marques Houston recently made an appearance on Hot 97 in New York where he addressed Raz’ allegations and says that dude is psycho.

It was a big joke to me. And if you think about it, think about the time frames when this guy starts up…it’s always around when my album coming out, my album release, and now my movie release is coming out so he’s talking more. But it’s all lies. It’s all BS. He jumps on the fact of he’s an attention whore. He wants that attention. Cuz B2k was huge. Everybody knows how huge B2K was. When something like that is stripped from you and you can’t get any fame, you go to the extreme measures. Dude is psycho.

Check out the video below:

Even though I’m personally NOT a fan of Chris Stokes (who routinely stalks blogs and begs for people to remove negative blog posts about him), I feel that it’s time for Raz to hang it up or really prove that it happen!

At one point, he had the world sympathizing with him and now, he looks like an attention whore. Just a mess! On a sidenote, Marques sounds a little arrogant with his claims that anybody is following his career. Who knew that he had an album or movie coming out? I’ll wait…

What do you have to say about the whole issue?


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