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Oprah Interviews The Kardashians; Kim Admits Sex Tape Introduced Her to the World Of Fame & Regrets Its Leak!

Last night, many of us had the chance to watch Oprah sit down with the Kardashian clan where no topic was considered off limits.

During part one of the interview, Oprah first sits down with Robert, Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney to ask them about what being famous meant to them and if their father would be in approval. More details below……….

Kim also sat down and candidly talked about her 72 day marriage to Kris Humphries, and that it wasn’t a publicity stunt. Also the infamous sex tape with Ray J, and how she’s managed to turn her sex tape into a positive situation. She commented that once the sex tape was out, she felt that she had to work harder than the average just to show the world that she was about way more than the public’s perception. The interview ended with a cliffhanger as Oprah asks if boyfriend Kanye West is a fairytale come through.

Even though the entire family denies that they do anything for attention, I have to admit that the empire they’ve managed to create for themselves off of one big mistake is amazing. Best example I can think of on turning lemons into lemonade…while getting paid. Check out the video below:

Oprah explains why she chose to interview the Kardashians

Part Two of the Kardashian interview airs next Sunday on OWN.


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