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Rapper Gucci Mane Loses A $270,000 Court Battle Over Jewelry!

“Shake My Head” this is what you call NEGROS WITH CREDIT!! LOL

Rapper Gucci Mane lost a $270,000 battle in court — after a jewelry company in Georgia sued the rapper for stealing a buttload of diamonds. More details below………….

Rapper Gucci Mane was sued for over $274,000 in unpaid jewelry fees by the New York jewelry company Rafaello & Co. The lawsuit, filed earlier this year, claims Gucci had 15 days to pay for a $130,000 pinky ring and $110,000 diamond necklace and bracelet or return them. Instead, the rapper only paid $40,000. Over this time the jewelry has accrued both interest and attorney fees. TMZ has the story:
Rapper Gucci Mane just lost a $270,000 battle in court — after a New York jewelry company sued the rapper for stealing a buttload of diamonds … and won.
Rafaello & Co. retained attorney Vivian Uchitel (no relation) to file the lawsuit earlier this year in Henry County, claiming it loaned the rapper a $130,000 diamond pinky ring … in addition to a diamond necklace and bracelet worth $110,000.
According to the lawsuit, Gucci had 15 days to pay for the goods or return them — and he did neither … coughing up only $40,000.

Gucci never showed up in court, so a default judgment was entered against the rapper in April. A lien was then placed on the rapper’s property. Plus the rapper still hasn’t responded to the action.


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