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Terrell Owens Naked Sex Photos Up For SALE!

With his professional sports career crumbling down, this might actually be a good thing for the pro baller.

Terrell Owens is now at the center of a x-rated photo scandal involving some VERY graphic images showing the athlete pleasuring himself. According to TMZ: A unknown woman is shopping several pictures to various media outlets, showing T.O in some unusual positions. More details below……………..

The strange woman claims that her and Terrell met on Twitter (the new dating social site) after several conversations, the two went to Skype, where they engaged in a cyber-sexual relationship and apparently, the women snapped a few action shots for good measure.

It’s unclear if the woman has received any offers on the photos … but one thing is certain — when T.O. famously said “I love me some me” … he meant it.

Plus, Monique Jackson and Kita Williams two of T.O’s best girlfriends did an exclusive interview with Page 31 a few months ago, where Kita dished on the pro baller being well endowed! Check out an excerpt from the video and the actually video below:

Terrell and I have actually had this conversation and what is really weird is…. I tell people this all the time; when I met him, the strong attraction was none. It was no attraction because I didn’t like him. But the more I realized I was around him, he irked me like that little boy that in second grade. We kind of had a different kind of chemistry. He always says he calls her ‘Mama Mo’ and I’m more like his sister. Don’t get me wrong the man’s body is to die for; it really is from the neck to the torso area. All it but put the neck and the rest of it in it and I’m done. It’s a wrap! 

Terrell is honestly and truly the type of guy who I would say I might be attracted to if he had a lobotomy. I’ve known him for twelve years and it irritates me when people say that because then what it does is psychologically it messes with my mind in saying “Oh, that’s why you are where you are because you’ve slept with him and you guys are doing what you’re doing.” It almost makes me feel like it discredits the authenticity of our relationship. 

I know secretly Terrell would love to sleep with me but it’s just not that type of party for me. I love him to death but I would never want to sleep with him. I’ve seen Terrell’s balls to draws; he just tore his ACL. I was stuck to actually empty his pee pee can. I was there to change his freaking wounds and ladies you won’t be disappointed. I’ll tell you that much but I’m not at all enthused. I’m going to keep it real if he seen me naked he knows it looks good.

Check out the video below:

source: TMZ


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  1. Alena

    December 15, 2012 at 10:35 pm

    im sure he is probably the one selling them.. seeing as though he doesn't have any money. -seeme24

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