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“Basketball Wives” Star Tami Roman ‘FILES A DISPUTE’ Over Social Media Hacking!

“Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman has filed many complaints concerning her social media hacking on Saturday. 

The reality star is claiming that she’s the latest victim of a diabolical internet hacker who managed to hijack her Twitter ( Which carried 600K followers to declaring himself in charge) and e-mail accounts on Friday. More details below….

This photo above shows the hacker on Roman’s twitter account, which he changed her profile name to “ClanW3” aka Andy Kinnison and promoting some spam website. According to TMZ, 

The hacker also broke into her email account and changed her personal security questions, as well. Tami has used her email account for 14 YEARS and she’s scared to lose a lot of her personal information.

Sources say Tami reached out to both AOL and Twitter, but didn’t receive a response back. She also reported the cyber-crime to the local New Jersey Police, who are currently investigating the case.

Dam, she’s pissed! 

Also, check out Shawty Lo feat. Lil Wayne – WTF below:



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