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Chris Brown Asking Rihanna To “Slow Down On Her Partying Ways!”

I don’t care what anyone has to say about these two loosing the love they have for each-other, because clearly it’s still there!…. according to reports, Chris Brown is pleading with his ex- Rihanna to slow down on her partying ways.

The ‘Fortune’ singer is concerned about the starlet in light of her grandmother’s death “Dolly” earlier this month, and doesn’t want her partying to spiral out of control. More details below……………

According to sources, 

Chris doesn’t want her to go down the route of Amy Winehouse, who died last July at the age of 27 due to alcohol poisoning.

Another source told HollywoodLife that,

 “Chris was really, really worried about her when he heard she was up drinking and partying by herself.” 

“So he just wanted to reach out to her and show a little support, you know?”

Chris also sent Rih a text message, saying: 

“Cut out all that drinking,” but she didn’t reply. While the insider claims there “isn’t any love lost between them,” they explain that Chris is just trying to do the right thing as he feels partly responsible for her behavior.

“He’s just being a man and being responsible, making sure she’s all right.”

However, rumor has it, that Rih is said to have reconciled with former beau Drake who she will be vacationing with this week in Europe, after renting a boat together.


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