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Chris Brown PLEADS For The Jacksons To End Their Public Family Feud!, Plus Russell Brand Facing JAIL TIME For Smashing An iPhone!

Chris Brown has always been a huge fan of Michael Jackson and his family, and now to hear that there is a problem inside the Jackson Camp, breaks the singer’s heart.

Brown knows a lot about having a nasty drama played out in public, so he recently tweeted about wanting the Jackson family to end their public feud. See what he had to say below:

“That Jackson family feud shit gotta stop! Stop making y’all business public! Michael was under enough scrutiny.”  

“Don’t put the kids through the bullshit! Work y’all shit out as a family and stop giving them the pleasure of fucking wit y’all!”

We all know Chris is just trying to help, but he might need to stay out of this one!

In the Brand News:

Katy Perry’s ex-husband Russell Brand might be doing some jail time after taking a paparazzi’s iPhone and smashing it to pieces. According to TMZ

“On March 12, Russell snatched the cell phone out of someone’s hand and threw it through a nearby window in New Orleans.” Which three days after he turned himself in. 

Brand explained his actions on Twitter saying– “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iphone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.”

However, he’s already prepared himself for a legal battle, which the actor preemptively hired a high-powered New Orleans attorney to fight any possible charges in the case. But if convicted, he faces six months in jail.

Um… do you think this is a simply case of injustice? Or authorities over-reacting because the phone that was smashed just so happened to belong to some important person’s kid? How many people think he should go to jail for this?


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  1. Anonymous

    July 25, 2012 at 10:41 pm

    Damn!! Isn't it better things the courts can be dealing with?! Murders! Rapists & so onn.. Give the Dumb Ass a Hefty Fine & move on already!!!

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