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Chris Brown SPLITS From Karrueche Tran, & Cleans Up Twitter Tweets!

Rihanna might get her man BACK!!…….. Word on the street is that Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran are OVER and it’s all because of Drake!

According to MTO: Chris suspected that Karrueche had some form of contact with his rival Drake. It was nothing ROMANTIC . . . but Kar supposedly had some BUSINESS-TYPE conversations with Drizzy. More details below………..

Chris had a problem with kar communicating with the hip hop superstar so he basically dismissed her.

So what do we all do these days to see if it’s real… check Twitter and Instagram… and guess what they found out? Chris DELETED ALL PICTURES from Twitter and Instagram, that contained Karrueche in it. Damn and they just got matching tats!!



  1. Anonymous

    July 22, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Since people think Rihanna is all that why is she so crazy? Now all the celebrities especially "JAY-Z", "JIGGA what, JIGGA who?" Why can't she find a man? Nobody wants to get involved with her. She is maniplative and decieving. Rihanna is jealous of Kae Tran. Kae is not a rebound chick. Rhianna flipped when photos surfaced on the internet.Chris hwas beginning to smile again.Chris Brown made a very big and bad mistake when he collaborated with her for that dumb a_ _ song "Birthday Cake because he didn't have anything to prove to anyone.All that did situation did was make the both of them look bad. Chris Brown needs to keep it moving in his life and Rihanna is not part of his life anymore. People need to stop judging other people especially when don't know them. If Chris Brown is such a horrible and violent person, at least thats what she had some people believing, why does she want to be with him? If she wanted to stay with him she should have kept other people out of the situation because she has never stopped wanting Chris Brown. Some people think Chris still wants Rihanna. I think he just want to prove some kind of point to people because she contacted him first. She really needs to get some help because she is slipping. Chris Brown needs to grow up. God has brought him through some tough times. He needs to think about how all this affected his mother and could have destroyed the rest of his life.

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