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According to swirling reports, A source close to “Love and Hip Hop” reality star Joseline Hernandez is saying that Joseline and Stevie J are engaged. 

Joseline has been spotted rocking an nice size rock on her ring finger,(TWICE) But the question is, did her manager/producer, really propose to her?! More details below…………..

According to MTO, the former stripper and aspiring singer, is believed to have said yes to her manager’s marriage proposal while filming the upcoming scenes for their hit reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop.”

Stevie J, allegedly contacted Vh1 before he asked for her hand in marriage so that the show’s producers could capture the entire proposal on camera. Which I feel he’s just out for some publicity,…kinda wondering what Mimi thinks about this?

However, insiders allegedly described the scene as being “moving” and “touching,” and although Joseline is yet to confirm the engagement news.

when asked about the many Joseline and StevieJ news, he just said “I ain’t ready to say nothing,” but “They’re saying a lot.”
Um okay…. anyhow, peep the track below:

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  1. She's had that finger before. I doubt they're engaged, and if they are- it's for publicity. He can't commit and she's a hoe.

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