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Download The New Vipre Anti-Virus Software Today!

This post brought to you by GFI. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a celebrity blogger and scrolling the internet everyday to supply my readers with the Juiciest Gossip, my computer has to have the latest antivirus software to protect my pc. Plus I must admit, this is the first time I’ve tried this new “Vipre Anti-Virus” software. 

Because I’m so used to the big players like Norton (Who annoys the hell outta me when the subscription expires) and McAfee. However, their software never worked for me because as much as those applications brought complete solutions for overall protection against virus, spyware and malware, they are just too resource intensive resulting in my PC slowing down.
Even if i switched to lesser known anti-virus software to keep me protected all the time, well that’s just the thing it doesn’t even protect my pc anymore as virus, spyware, malware and all those other bad things have evolved.

Now, I was lucky to test out Vipre Antivirus. But before that, you have to know that the current release is only for PC only. Installing the software is easy. A few clicks here and there and your system should then be protected in real time.

The real test is to check out if Vipre bogs down my system or not and so far since the time I had started using it, it did not have any adverse effect on my PC that slowed it down. This is more like it considering that previous anti-virus software applications I used really were resource hoggers that it did not last long in my system because I uninstalled it.

The one feature I like is the capability to schedule scans which really is a big help because Vipre can maximize the user’s time by running scan while the user may be out. I can also view history report summaries and reports, eliminate any trace of files in my PC and go deeper within the system to look at settings normally hidden by the operating system.
But the main core of what Vipre does is more than enough for me. Real time protection is very important considering that today almost all of us are online most of the time. Vipre does what it is supposed to do, all while not bringing down my PC’s overall performance.
Also, those who buy this software gets free U.S. based technical support. Give Vipre a download and let me know what you think. You can find more details at or at

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