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Former ‘Basketball Wives’ Star Jennifer Williams DROPS Lawsuit Against Nia Crooks

Former ‘Basketball Wives’ star Jennifer Williams has dropped her lawsuit against Nia Crooks for smacking her in the face on last season’s episode.

The reality TV star, who claimed she suffered serious physical and psychological damage, decided to file court papers this month to end the lawsuit against the fellowBasketball Wives star. More details below……..

A rep for the reality star told TMZ that Williams is “already dealing with her difficult divorce and did not feel that it was necessry to continue to pursue civil action [against Crooks].”

Nia Crooks’ lawyer also revealed that she is happy that the case has been dropped. Telling the website: 

“We have always maintained that the frivolous lawsuit brought by Jennifer Williams was nothing short of a last-gasp attempt to maintain her dwindling relevance on the ‘Basketball Wives’.”

“Nia is happy to put this issue behind her and start looking ahead to work on her own career.”

Also, Nia has been having a hard time since slapping the ish out of Jen. In fact, Nia says it’s been absolute hell since making her appearance on the popular show.

Crooks says she regretted laying hands on her and wishes she could have reacted differently. Check out Nia’s interview with below: 

What’s life been like for you since you appeared on the show?

Hell. I could never imagine being in this predicament over something like that. And a person that I used to love is now just somebody I knew. It’s hell.

Have people been mean, how have you been treated? 

Yeah, they don’t know me and I get that, I’m part of this story, but I’m just a person that walked in a room and sat down and said something to a person and got up and smacked her. So it looks like I’m bullying someone who welcomed the smack. She said “I wish you would.” She cut the conversation off because she doesn’t want anyone to know who she really is. She’s a total different person outside of this. Being a celebrity is not for everyone, some people’s heads get inflated, some don’t. And if you have new people around you in your life, and it’s not the people you’ve been around forever, that says a lot about a person.

If you could do this over, would you have never appeared on the show? 

I just wish my reaction wouldn’t have been that. I can’t take that back now, but that’s the way I was raised, that’s how I grew up, that’s a normal reaction of mine.

Evelyn: Can I just say I have known Nia for years, and I have never in all those years seen Nia cry — you know I cry at the drop of a hat — and ever since all the negativity and the lawyers and everything, I have never seen her cry like this until now and it’s tough. Nothing can ever prepare you for being in public and having a million people have an opinion about you on a daily basis. She’s just been thrown into this.

Nia: It’s not easy.

Anyhow, too bad Jen took so long to realize that the lawsuit would hurt her career on the show. And now, her car was repo’d, and her Vh1 checks have stopped rolling in. Hopefully Crooks has learnt her lesson from that dirty b***h slap case. 


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