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Frank Ocean Says: Yes I’m GAY On His Website, Along With Sharing A Story Of His First Love!

Yesterday we reported that Frank Ocean came out as a bisexual man on his latest “Channel Album,” now the singer has made it official.

Ocean has officially come out as a gay man on his Tumblr! The rumors have been swirling the past few days that the R&B crooner was gay based on a few songs on his upcoming album “Channel Orange” in which he alluded to being bisexual. To put an end to the rumors, Frank addressed his sexuality and shared a touching love story of his first love in a letter he wrote. He reveals that his first love, was in fact, a guy. More details below……………………

Check out what he had to say below. **Click Image to View it**

We’re proud of you Frank! Keep making beautiful music and hopefully what you did tonight will help others who are struggling with their sexuality.


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