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Guys That People Thought Would Come Out Before “Frank Ocean,” Or Maybe It Will Be The Other Way Around!

Honestly, I don’t care which way you want to swing your bat or baton, either way I’m FINE with it!

These are guys that have all denied the allegations brought against them, but many people are just still sticking to their guns. With the recent coming out of Frank Ocean many thought others would have made their exit out the closet before Mr. Ocean did. Plus, there were never any rumors about him being “suspect” or anything, so kudos to you Franky boy.

There are a bunch more celebrities that always had rumors surrounding them that we would be much less surprised if they came out after frank. And with their fab lives, exquisite taste, speaks highly about wearing make up, well toned and shaven legs etc. So take a look at all we have lined up for you.

Confessions are good for the heart: People have been saying that Usher Raymond is bi-sexual, but who am I to judge.

Rasheeda sing for me: “Ride It Like A Cowgirl”… Here we have, Bad Boy P. Diddy, even though he has timely and timely again claimed he loves fish, (In the islands, instead of calling a guy gay, they say “Fish) many fans aren’t buying it. So diddy come clean mister. Oh my I’m just being messy right now.
We couldn’t help but add Chris Bosh to the mix! Did you see that Orgasmic NBA Finals celebration he had! Take a good look at the pic above then check out the video below: 

Wow he even did the porno “spit out” at the end. Lol

Baby aka “Birdman” and Lil Wayne have a very strange kissing relationship. A VERY strange relationship. People have been suspecting things. It’d be less surprising than Frank Ocean was.

Tyler Perry aka Madea. As much as everyone loves his movies, there’s still some saying he might be on the BORDERLINE! In other words BI!
Eddie Murphy has sparked many speculations of him hooking up with his “Coming to America” co-star Arsenio Hall. Be honest Eddie, who’s pitching and catching??

“Thong” singer Sisqo – I think he’s one of the longest rumored undercover gay singers since the 90s.

Drizzy aka Drake: Um there’s pretty not much to say, because the pic speaks for itself. Drake tweeted the above pic, showing him in the nude and wearing make up. Which he later deleted from twitter, but we got a hold of the pic!
Okay Ne-Yo we get it. #SIDE EYE LOL!!

Many red flags have gone off on John Legend but somewhat died down since he got engaged to a super model Chrissy Teigen.

It’s such a sure thing! Mexican singer Miguel even had Charlamagne saying he’s in the closet and needs to get out. But hey, you be the judge.
Kanye West: No comment!

So in the great Jamie Foxx Voice “All ya’ll need to EXIT the CLOSET!”


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  1. Anonymous

    July 25, 2012 at 2:19 pm

    Ms Bosh get it girl, and lebron was hitting it from the back!! How good was that lol

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