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Havoc Says Mobb Deep Is “On Hiatus,” & FINALLY ADMITS To Sending Infamous TWEETS!

Havoc is finally leaving the lies behind and has decided to come clean about everything he has said about his ex-partner Prodigy.

During a recent interview with allhiphop, the “Mobb Deep” group member who’s no longer apart of the group (after the outrageous episode of Twitter slander), says he and Prodigy are no longer bros and says that anyone with half a brain already knew: he sent those tweets calling P gay. 

Charlamagne where are you!….. The Havoc finally admits to sending those infamous tweets on Twitter. Plus, Havoc says hiatus is on “indefinitely, until things get hashed out” and “the real story will come out soon…”Check out the interview below:

Also, Hav’s cousin Ferg Brim (Who just came from prison) came out saying Havoc caught Prodigy writing love letters to men in prison. read more about that here
Um, Ferg should probably point fingers at him because he just left the men pen. So ferg what did they do to that ‘behind’ of yours while you were locked up?? Tell us, we want to know.


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  1. Anonymous

    July 28, 2012 at 1:30 am

    well that just makes you look like a little bitch hav, now doesnt it. you both lost. p is a homo for dying for rick ross’ dick, and i actually gained a little respect for the cop for not working with him. this beef between the 2 of u derives from p selling his sould while in jail on some homo blackmail shit and not talkin bout illuminati no more and hav.. he just a burnt toast lookin ass nigga

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