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How to Loose Weight this Summer
Are you looking for a simple weight loss plan to help you loose a couple of inches from your waist and fit into your bathing suit this summer? If so, understand that the best way to loose weight and keep it off forever, is to begin the weight loss process in your mind and then work your plan from the inside out.
The first step therefore involves visualizing yourself as you ideal body size. Surf the net for pictures in the public domain of stars who are your dream body size. Save the pictures in your computer and make your own virtual weight loss vision board on your desktop. Look at the images every time you turn your computer on and imagine yourself possessing that body and fitting in those clothes.
The second step is to create a smart summer weight loss plan. To do this, you have to remember that a healthy weight loss plan generally involves loosing 1 pound of body fat each week and this can be achieved by either burning 500 calories each day or cutting 500 calories from your diet each day.
Therefore, write down all the activities that you will engage in each day to burn 500 calories. Perfect examples include hiking, swimming, or cycling for 1 hour each day. You can also attend an aerobics class  or walk briskly or garden or dance for 1 hour and 15 minutes to burn 500 calories. Other less strenuous activities that can help you burn 500 calories and loose weight healthily include spending two and a half hours cooking healthy meals or taking a long leisurely walk with a loved one.
The other side of this weight loss plan involves cutting out 500 calories from your diet every day. This can be achieved by abstaining from foods which contain around 500 calories such as a 3-egg omelets with cheese, 3 handfuls (around 3 oz) of peanuts or mixed nuts, 2 slices of double layer chocolate cake with icing or 6 fried chicken wings. Therefore, read food labels to know how many calories are in the food so that you can determine how much you will not eat.
The third and final step in losing weight is to prepare in advance so that you can resist the tempting calorie dense summer foods in places where you have no control over the menu such as parties and barbecues. To do this, decide in advance what you will not eat and then snack on fiber rich fruits such as apples before going to those social events. Once you get there, choose healthy substitutes such as turkey burgers instead of cheeseburgers, yogurt dips instead of mayo dips, and drink sparkling water or herbal teas instead of soda.
If there are no healthy choices on the menu or you are having too much fun, absolve yourself of the guilt, eat and enjoy yourself and then make up for it the next day by exercising for twice as long to ensure you burn at least 1000 calories. 
Follow this simple three step weight loss plan faithfully and if you loose an average of 1 pound of fat each week, you will have lost around 16 pounds by the end of summer, which is equivalent to loosing a whooping 8 inches from your waist.


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